The Pros of Drinking Organic

April 21, 2022 0 Comments

It isn’t rocket science to waive the banner of organic anything when it comes to food or drink, although many of us have become suspicious of what that really means and whether it is worth the higher cost. When it comes to wine, it seems the pros are really worthy of consideration. First, certified organic wine means that there are no pesticides or herbicides used in the process from growing to winemaking – something we would all love to avoid in anything we ingest.

Growers instead rely on nature (with their help) for pest and weed control, not a hard concept to understand when you think that for thousands of years farmers relied successfully on nature to be its own police, so to speak. Many scientists and growers believe that the advent of pesticides and herbicides increased, not decreased, the problems faced by growers today as these measures tend to interfere with nature’s balance. Organic wine means that you are avoiding those harmful pesticides and herbicides.

In addition, it appears that some of the after-effects (i.e. headaches) of drinking alcohol may be diminished by drinking organic wine as it does not contain additional sulfites – an additive that we should avoid in any event. Also, a very important consideration for many is the addition of sugar which some winemakers add to improve the wine’s taste and increase the alcohol content. Organic wine usually does not contain added sugar which means fewer calories – which translates to more enjoyment!