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When nature calls… when man listens!!
From a stone quarry to a vineyard! Yes! The Aïn Bourdaï Hills of Château Trois Collines are a great testimony of what man can create out of a rocky, forgotten dry highlands in a remote corner of Lebanon!
Ziad Ammar –founder of CTC, was moved in 2009 by his vision* and his big passion to wine and agriculture, along with his great belief in his country & people, to initiate this project… He ventured into the unknown, gathering young talents, regional labor and experts, thinking of the renewable energy as a great asset for developing a sustainable irrigation and thus plantation. He started the shaping of a great terroir, that was chosen thousands of years before him by the Romans! Yes, Baalbeck and the Temple of Bacchus are the home land of Trois Collines. Less than 5 km separate our hills from the location of the most prestigious and historical site dedicated to Wine and its God! We’re very happy to perpetuate in this region this making and tradition!


Remembering our elders, reviving our traditions, we also strive to modernize and bring in to our lives the quality that suits… Wine probably was first fermented in this part of the world! But surely was taken away for historical facts! Contributing to this renaissance, is not only to live with our past glories, but to contribute actively, scientifically and effectively to the notoriety of the Lebanese Wine Industry and spread it in the World! Using the best equipment, applying best practices, participating to International Exhibitions, Tasting Concours …

The Team



Winery Manager/ Winemaker

Marc Naoum

Chief Accountant

Wael Ghostine

Vineyard/ Estate Manager

Rachelle Bassil

Admin & Logistics

Marwan Massoud

Sales Manager

Angie Ghazale

Winery Admin/ Accounting

Martina Hanna

Lab. Assistant

Céline Esseily

Sales Representative

Wael Kachour