The Winery


Nestled on top of Dahr el Baidar, Mount Lebanon is our prime winery. Strategically placed between Beirut and West Beqaa atop the peaks that overlook both the valley and the coast, is where our wines are pressed, preserved and bottled. Its climate, altitude, and location ensure the ideal conditions for our fine wines and also provides easy access for shipment locally and internationally.


Vineyard: Northeastern Bekaa Hills

Winery: Mount Lebanon – Ain Dara – Dahr El Baidar

Attention to Details

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    The grapes need to be picked at a very specific moment in time in order for the wine to meet the required parameters. Once the grapes are picked, they are then sorted.

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    Grapes are de-stemmed and crushed by a machine into a “must”, which is basically a mixture of grape juice, skins, and solids. For red wine, the must is transferred to the tanks for fermentation. For white wine, the must is pressed then the extracted juice is transferred to the tanks for fermentation.

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    At the appropriate conditions fermentation, which is the most important part of this process starts, where yeasts feed on sugar until all the sugar is turned into alcohol.

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    Dead yeast cells and unstable proteins are removed after fermentation, and this is done through filtration or fining process. Our wines have natural clarification because our winery is at a high altitude and has naturally cold temperatures and low humidity.

    Other substances such as organic products are added to the wine, sticking to the unwanted particles and causing them to sink for easy removal.

    Winemakers use a series of filtering through progressively finer filters to clarify and sterilize the wine.

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    Ageing usually happens for selected wines in wooden oak barrels making the wine taste smoother and cause complex flavors to develop.

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    As the final stage of the winemaking process, the wine will be bottled and stored properly.