Climate Change and The Vineyard

April 21, 2022 0 Comments

Climate change affects much of our planet as it disrupts nature’s routine – that built-in clock, so to speak, which we rely on to conduct certain activities such as the harvesting of nature’s bounty. No industry is more aware of the dramatic effects of the subtle, and the not so subtle, changes taking place throughout a calendar year more than the wine industry.

For thousands of years the timing of the vine’s maturity and the grape harvest were fairly predictable, but with climate change comes the need to monitor certain aspects of nature independently of a fixed calendar. At Chateau Trois Collines agricultural experts and winemakers are very much aware of these changes. They do not have to rely on the calendar to move from one phase of this delicate process to the next, but look to the vines themselves to know when the grapes are at their optimal ripeness and maturity.

Their expertise and sensitivity to the soil and the vines allows them to use their knowledge and instinct to gauge the necessary timing of each part of the process. It is this scientific knowledge, awareness of current events and a passionate commitment to the final product that keeps our experts in constant touch with the climate, the soil, the vines and the grapes – nature’s symphonic orchestration of the delicious final product revered by poets and enjoyed by many throughout the world.