Solar Power & Sustainability

April 21, 2022 0 Comments

True sustainability, the ability to maintain a concern without depleting available resources when alternative resources are available, is a commitment whose rewards are all too evident. The benefits extend to the enterprise committed to sustainability as well as the environment and the planet – therefore to all of us. Wineries are especially well suited to take advantage of renewable energy by way of solar power as a resource for the energy needed to conduct their business.

The sun has always been a partner, in a manner of speaking, in producing the grape that is used to make the final delicious product. Why not utilize the sun’s energy beyond nurturing the soil and the vines and ensuring the ripening of the grapes? It makes perfect sense to incorporate this renewable power source into energy needs throughout the process from growth to production. Wineries throughout the world have begun to use this sustainable energy source to be both environmentally conscientious and to reign in the constantly increasing cost of production.

Solar panels are incorporated into the structure at the time of construction or added later to provide the means for tapping into the sun’s energy to generate the power needed for most of the operation. The winery stays connected to the grid for those times when the sun may not provide all the needed power. Overall there is a very substantial saving to winery owners and a huge appeal to a public becoming increasingly aware of our need to occupy our planet responsibly.