Sites Rationale

Everything happens for a reason!

Both Château Trois Collines Sites were retained in relation to Ziad’s previous activity, stone quarries, and in line with the Green / Energy Saving Concept!… The ideal fresh temperatures of the mountain in periods of fermentation, for a controlled tanks and barrels environment conditions… Starting from a garage winery in Dahr El Baïdar to a 4.000 sq.m. state of the art winery, Dahr El Baïdar is first a rehabilitated “kessara” site (stone quarry in Lebanese)! Also Dahr El Baïdar is a plus in terms of logistics, it is the midway between Beirut and the Bekaa… Beirut where our business component needs a prompt access, delivery & supplies… And the Bekaa where the vineyards find there optimum conditions…

The Vineyard

Where it all starts!
A unique terroir, 45 ha in wired conduct vines, with some 14 different winemaking varietals (check the Grape Varietals profile). The Domain is split in three hills, that inspired the brand name. The rest of the 1.2 million square meters are dedicated to beekeeping (apiculture) and horticulture (apples, walnut, cherries…)
The altitude averages around 1.600m above sea level. The main characteristics are the lime stone soil under layers along with the steep slopes preserved as such in total respect and admiration to what the site offers!
These slopes are our greatest asset for a natural drainage, receiving and collecting some 350mm of rainfall with many days of low winter temperatures, with enchanting snow cover for some 30 days every year!

Dahr el Baïdare

Apparently it was an agricultural region, to carry this name!
What the elder generations could tell and praise, is about the touristic and skiing resorts in Dahr El Baïdar before the development of other sites like Faraya… Unfortunately the war, and the destruction of Beirut, required a lot of building raw material… and to the great misfortune of this location, rich in sand & stone, the destruction of the mountain was partly the way to the rebuild Beirut! A very high cost that Nature and People living in this area had to pay! Today, Château Trois Collines is bringing back to Dahr El Baïdar a shining ecofriendly spot, a touristic, gastronomic wine attraction, with a fully equipped winery- restaurant. After being a deserted mountain, dug to the bones slopes…Dahr El Baïdar will be the home of CTC winemaking activity. The Château -under construction at the moment- target opening date scheduled for summer 2023, will be surrounded by 10 ha of vineyards, a landscape green cover with a restaurant, and a guest house….